Familiar faces staffing new veterinary clinic in Antigo

The facility is new, but the faces will be familiar when the Spring Brook Veterinary Clinic opens Monday.

The clinic, located across from Menards at 334 East State Highway 64, is being opened by Doctors Sharon Brunzlick and Dan Turunen, who previous worked together in animal health care in the community.

Joining them on staff will be technician Betsy Remington, office manager Peggy Resch and assistant Kathy Wendt.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


So happy to see the new clinic is now opening! The Antigo community has missed seeing these familiar faces and happy smiles! I've already called and made an appt, can't wait to check the new place out! Now I won't have to drive far to get the animal care I want!

Nice to see. It was good that Rich Piowani handled most everything with his mobile Lanco vet clinic. I'll still most likely use Rich for most things, when possible, but like most, I've known Dan and Sharon for many, many years and will use their services as well.

Kind of strange all of the old employees from the other vet clinic jumped ship. My guess is that the owner of the other clinic has some serious heartburn.

Congrats Dan and Sharon!

From what I heard some of the previous employees were asked to leave (AKA fired) and some left on their own. Sounds like there's some major differences in the way the owner wants to run the clinic and the way the employees feel they deserve to be treated. The entire staff has turned over, that's not something easy to ignore, really makes you wonder. And I second your words, congrats to Dan and Sharon!!!

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