Wondering,,, and a question??????

On Dec.- 2 -2014 Officer Andrew Tainter suddenly resigned from the Antigo police force.???

** I was wondering why all of a sudden he departed the force... ???


Why is it any of your business? Maybe he wanted to pursue a different career... Why do you have nothing better to do??

It is important when he does NOT show up to testify in a criminal case and has a fill in that does not know a thing about the case testify. I talked to an attorney and found out the whole deal that went on since the election and why he all of a sudden quit. Very interesting. And now works for city gas, " I am sure the pay and benefits are SO much better there then in the sheriffs dept" LOL Talk about taking a step forward and three back,, he sure did it. So thanks for replying and being a smart azz. I was asking a serious question and did not need your lazy Azz answer

So why did he quit, if you know? And, Bungholeo, City Gas is a fine company that treats their employees with respect, and pays them a good wage. I have a feeling you're talking our your arse because your mouth knows better than to talk so stupid.

WOW a guy decides to change professions and right away people have issue with it, let the man enjoy his new job.

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