Gas prices slip below $2

Gas priced at below $2 a gallon—a level not seen in Antigo in years—is moving northward.

In May, 2011, gas had marched to over $4 a gallon locally. Now 43 months later, a precipitous drop in oil prices worldwide has nudged the price below $2 in nearby Wittenberg, which traditionally offers the lowest prices in the area.

In Antigo, most stations were selling gas today at just under $2.25 a gallon, ahead of the $2.19 statewide average. The last time gas was below $2 in Antigo was in mid-2008.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Everywhere but Antigo. Interesting how prices drop so far yet the robber barons here keep the price jacked up noticeably higher. The same trucks delivering the same fuel, and the difference can be as much as fifteen cents between Antigo and Wittenberg.
Don't give me the line about its already been bought off the truck at the higher rate blah blah blah...
Financial rapists.

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