Doll maker Tamie Yarie alleged drug trafficker?

There seems to be some question as to whether or not Tamie Yarie of Antigo that has been charged with drug trafficking, is the same Tamie Yarie that makes life-like dolls.

The answer to that question is, yes, it is the same person. It is not clear if she was still active in the doll-making business, but, her website is still up and can be found here:

Photo from Tamie's website
Tamie Yarie mugshot

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aint drugs great boys and girls ?! ruining lives for decades and decades. you go, sunshine !

3 mos. after being caught for maintaining a drug trafficking place Tamie Yarie continues to break the law and continues to break her bond rules. partying with teens again and tooling around Antigo with the daughters and grandbaby that she wasn't supposed to be around unsupervised. Why hasn't she been arrested? Twits like her think that they are above the law make me sick.

Please enlighten us on her supposed partying activity and fill us in on where your information about not being allowed to be with her children in town or at a store comes from? I see no mention of that anywhere in the court papers? Seems like misinformation to me.

Tamie Yarie wants to be enlightened? na- too late for enlightenment. More like wanting to fish for the "mis" information you know that I know thats true. I won't give away all of my secrets but I noticed how your slow brain made sure only to make reference to your being with your children in town or at the store- why not at your house? Million dollar question there. You need a good reality check. In Antigo nothings a secret, not everyone is as dumb as you are. This town is small and I suggest that you seek help for that denial problem you have, its a start to your recovery and no one would want you to contaminate the rest of us good folk or our children.

What a loser.

@banterdust25, those who believe the lies about the benefits of cannabis are the losers. This woman is too wise for the brain damaged zombies. Way in the future ,this will be remembered like the holocaust ,or the crucifixion of Christ.

In way of the future you dare to make a comparison of Jesus Christ, to the likes of pond scum like Tamie Yarie? You need enlightenment & so does she. Tamie Yarie will be stoned with the same bath salts she uses. FYI. Old wise one was to high to make her last court appearance & missed it! I was in court that day & was one of the many people waiting for my child support hearing to be heard. All of us waiting on pot-zombies like Yarie to be heard first! Time wasting losers.

Like the holocaust or the Crucifixion of Christ? Oh my god! I think you are being a little dramatic to say the least!

>you are literally to stupid to insult...
>lies about benefits of cannabis... yup that is why medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, and our nations capital, Washington DC itself. also Two other states have completely dropped laws about marijuana in general... I suppose that just happens all based on lies? you are a joke, and you probably shouldn't be posting a public forum, it's really just you making a fool of your self.

this is what you get in a public forum, 80% lies and the other 20% twisted facts. so really none of it is true. except of course the police do lie cheat persuade and make up crimes. that part is true ha

Circle talk about the benefits of cannabis until you are blue in the face. It's still illegal, illegal, illegal, illegal- got that? ILLEGAL HERE. This stupid bimbo gave 18 plus kids bath salts and who knows what else and you are gonna sit here and talk about the benefits of pot! You are too stupid to understand that even if pot were legal in a medical capacity. Then this moron Tamie Yarie administered prescription drugs to other people's children. I don't know about you but that kind of decision making is a complete disregard for children's safety and welfare. When I take my children to the doctor, my doctor knows what other medications my children are on before prescribing them addition medications when needed. Tamie Yarie is not a doctor and is hardly qualified to take care of a rat in my opinion, but here she is handing out drugs- not only cannabis to 18 children! This woman is no "hero" this is not a witch hunt. This is justice wanted for those kids that she abused while they were under her drug house roof! How many of those children now have drug problems and dependency problems because of dim wits like her? Advocate pot for the right reasons- for TRUE medicinal needs. Not so that all of you illegal junkies can have an excuse to create fake medical problems to illegally obtain it. All of you that do this are a joke. The scum of society that thinks nothing of being a toxin to everyone else!

I don't think anyone was condoning her giving that poison to kids. However for you to refer to people that use Cannabis wether medicinally or recreationally as junkies shows how biased of a person you are and how low your i.q. must be. Go have a margarita and read a book. Preferably a dictionary.

You are an idiot. Get your dictionary out druggy and look up how to correctly spell whether. Because it is not "wether!" lol Comprehension seems to be a problem for you too. Calling Tamie Yarie a hero is absolutely condoning her grossly reckless and negligent behavior. It's astonishing how stupid idiots like you find their way online. Don't you have something to smoke or shoot in your veins? Run along moron.

Oh my, looks like somebody is jealous of this beautiful woman. @ woohoo, you state :"aint drugs great boys and girls ?! ruining lives for decades and decades."... You are quite wrong. PROHIBITION, has been ruining lives for decades! The real damage is from prohibition. Cannabis is infinitely beneficial.

Prohibition is ruining lives? Please don't think too hard, you may end up hurting yourself! You are literally an IDIOT! lol. Since it is obvious that you smoked any brains you may have had away, prohibition means there is NO ALCOHOL! Explain to everyone in your "dumb as_" logic how no alcohol ruins lives. Lol lol lol! If you are gonna bit_h at least bring intelligent material into the debate.

I know it's hard for you small minded folk to think straight sometimes but it will be o.k.

Drug trafficker? You are ridiculous! Why are you so jealous of her?

Ridiculous druggys playing on the computer again. Breaking news; good responsible people don't lose everything including their homes to drugs when they have 3 children & a grand daughter to care for. Many would agree that no one would be jealous of someone that irresponsible & fake that gives drugs to kids, has already covered up a drug related death in het house, or who sports piss yellow hair,,,,opps! fake hair extensions or doesn't pay their taxes. Just saying.

Is drug dealing trash bag Tamie Yarie in prison yet? If not, Judge Kawalski needs to have his head checked. How can he possibly let this POS garbage give drugs to our kids and get away with it!!!???? Update please.

@ Haters - Look at the post and read it again, she was criminally charged with DRUG TRAFFICKING and really, I doubt that anyone is jealous of her.

To the slow can be charged with anything. Doesn't mean squat. What matters is what a jury of your peers or a Judge convicts you of. If you were automatically guilty because of charges. We wouldn't bother with all those pesky trials and jury notices getting in the way.

Charges may not mean everything but they are still VERY RELEVANT factors of information. Squat this. NORMAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS normally do not place themselves in a position to where charges could be brought upon them. Normally law abiding citizens know better than to get involved with drugs period, let alone provide a place for a four day drug binge to occur AND with SO MANY other peoples children non the less! Remember stupid is as stupid does. Hang with the dirt, and you will eventually become like who you allow yourself to associate yourself with. Don't cry or expect others to offer you self pity when you weren't smart enough & get hung out to dry with the dirty laundry. This is the reason many like myself could care less about her or really you. We have those "pesky little trials" because of people like your momma who works in a position to give you & your drug buddies a heads up before her colleges get there. Don't play the game if you can't play by the rules you claim to live by, or can't handle the fact that there a spectators watching you.

You don't know anything about these types of cases do you? Believe me, the ''trafficking charge" will be dismissed ,because it is preposterous. Anybody can be charged with anything. It is a silly practice of careerist desperate for their job, bricks in the wall. Just more bricks in the wall.

You are correct! They don't even have to find drugs to charge you with a felony drug charge. The cops here CAN and DO whatever they want when it comes to invasions of privacy and in lives. Having it hold up all the way through court is another matter

She is years ahead of her time . This is as laughable as Reefer Madness . As disgraceful to health and justice as a witch hunt. So she pleads guilty to cannabis and the bogus charges are dismissed. When cannabis is legalized and restored as the safest known most prescribed drug , will you jealous haters find something else to demonize good people over?

Do you think cops really go around witch hunting? If they arrest someone like Tamie Yarie its because they FOUND DRUGS. Fact is drugs are illegal and until the day comes that they are made legal all this babble about pots greatness no matter how true it is, is not an excuse for breaking the law. If and when pot is ever legalized you will still need a prescription, there's no way it will ever be allowed to be grown freely anyhow. That's not jealousy that's a fact.

Well... in regards to your comment " there's no way it will ever be allowed to be grown freely anyhow. That's not jealousy that's a fact."

Millions of voters and growers in Colorado and Washington have concluded you live in a cave and are delusional. Seeing as it is legal and can be grown there freely. Guess it's back to eating the paint chips for ya? Switch to the lead free chips. They're better for ya!

So move there. Your point has absolutely no validity in this state, or in this discussion.

Mad reefer demon Tamie Yarie has been smoking since before time began. So you could say ratchet face is ahead of her time!

All in all, those who busted her are just more bricks in the wall. Pathetic excuse for law enforcement.

Who would be jealous of a drug dealer like Tamie Yarie? People are witch hunting her because she is a witch who didn't just do the drugs herself but because she provided them to OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN! Also, people who smoke & advocate pot must not be very good readers because of all this debate about how good cannibus is...even if it is someday found to be as beneficial as you all make it I'm sure that none of you will be eating it in a salad! You will be smoking up messing up everyone else's lungs and continuing to slow your thought process down & proceed to eat the rest of the country out of house & home with your pot munchies. Debate pot, but she had bath salts too! That was one 4 day binge and a 4 day binge is not first timer activity...she's a chronic drug abuser. There's nothing beautiful about that.

What I get out of the 3 links posted by the same person is this. So marijuana is the miracle drug. It cures cancer yadda yadda yadda. Great hope it's true. Fact is it's still illegal but if it weren't then that would mean that Tamie Yarie still illegally medicated the areas children by providing "prescription" drugs to them. Still illegal.

beautiful? ewwwy....pretty ugly like skeletor from that old kids show He-Man

I really don't care if she smokes her pot, but to be providing it to not only her own teenagers, but also other people's children that is just wrong. To have a house full of people smoking pot with a baby in the house is just horrible. She reminds me very much of this woman She too was a beautiful bright young lady, until the drugs took over her life. So very very sad, they convince themselves that pot is okay and should be legal, so then they don't feel bad about what they are doing, all it is, is an excuse to do wrong. Tamie is just a talented lady, she sure had many in the doll world fooled, they all looked up to her, surprise surprise, we really can make ourselves seem so different online.

Tamie Yarie is a jekyll & hyde personality even online you can still tell when a person is fake. I don't pity her and don't believe drugs made her do wrong. EVERY person knows right from wrong and that drugs are illegal.

Tamie Yarie convinced herself bath salts were ok 2. Hope Judge Kawasaki makes her rot in jail for what she did to our children. How does one plea bargain out of drug trafficking charges anyway? Make her as- sit time! You can plea bargain the damaged teenage lives she ruined or plea bargain the money + expenses she caused us parents for rehab & medical costs. She can rot.

Cannabis is not only harmless, but quite beneficial. If she gave them junk food or tobacco or alcohol , SOME PUNISHMENT WOULD BE IN ORDER. But, it is a war atrocity, to charge this woman for okaying the very thing that could help keep that real threat away from kids. War atrocities .

If you smoke cannabis or do bath salts yourself that is one thing, but what about the bath salts and pot Tamie Yarie gave other people's kids! This isn't right for some moron to take it upon themselves to drug up our town's youth! No matter what your personal belief's are on pot, it is illegal and morally wrong!

Tamie Yarie gave those kids bath salts too. War atrocities? Someone's a drama queen.

She never gave any kids any bath salts, nor has she been charged with that. Just like most of the posts on this website, false rumors and speculation.

Wow, who is it that has a grudge against this woman? Not hard to figure out they are jealous .What fools they will seem in the future when this excellent plant is restored to it's past place as most prescribed drug.

So it was good for the person that died on her couch and I guess you would say it was good for the 4 boys that were in the car accident too? Common you sound pretty crazy.

You are a tool! Cannabis didn't kill anyone on anyones couch. Not saying the guy didn't pass. However for you to say Cannabis killed him when there have been 0 toxicity related deaths attributed to Cannabis in it's history. Read a book for a change please. The television has your head so full of sh%t that you are parroting false information. Stick to the facts or shut your cake hole.

Tamie Yarie didn't have only one person die in her house from drug overdoses, she had two! The guy on her couch wasn't from marijuana, it was from a heroin overdose. What has Antigo come to when idiots like this are left to run loose! Yarie's well versed in acting dumb and has the glazed blank stare of denial down good. Maybe she will think about getting her life together if she loses one of her children to her illegal drug activities.


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